#2017-01 Stars


X-T1 18-55mm @ 18mm | f2.8 | 10 sec | ISO 1250

January was not on my side for this project, as almost the whole of January being overcast with only a few days and nights with clear sky’s.

The one night I had planned out a trip and the weather forecast was looking good, got spoiled by clouds coming in and ruining my shot. So my picture for the month is not what I had in mind, but with the weather being the way it was, I’m feeling content with the result.

As this is a genera I want to explore more I may have another go at it in another month.

February I’m dedicating to long exposure photography. This is some thing I’m really looking forward to, as I have many shoots in mind and different subjects to explore with.



Look Up!

I spend a lot of time just looking straightforward or down, seldom I raise my head and look up to just watch and see. But when I do there is a whole new world appearing.

A world of dreams and freedom.

I’m Free #LookUp