#2017-02 Long Exposure

X-T1 18-55mm @ 18mm | f13 | 2 sec | ISO 200

This post comes a little bit on overtime, as we are now well past half way in to March!

February I had set for long exposure photography, which was very fun and relaxing to do. With only a few hours of daylight in February here a lot of the times i went out shooting it was already dark, so many of my shoots for this month was taken at night. But I manged to get out by the ocean at least once trying to get a long exposure of the water.

I recently bought a set of Cockin ND and GND filters I finally got to try out this time. But as you can see I didn’t use a polorizer filter, so what I have learnt from this month is to use a polorizer filter when photographing water and wet surfaces.

In March the subject for my project has evolved a little as the month has progressed, and I have found some interesting subjects pretty close to home.

Keep smiling! ­čÖé



Long Exposure #2

X-T1 18-55mm @ 18mm | f7.1 | 20 sec | ISO 200

Had another take on long exposure, this time with more sense of motion in the frame.

Although these have a more fast paced feel in them, I still get the same feeling of calm and peace when out shooting long exposures. It feels like you are standing still in the number of seconds that the shutter is open and the rest of the world are flying right by.

X-T1 18-55mm @ 18mm | f11 | 8 sec | ISO 200
X-T1 18-55mm @ 18mm | f7.1 | 20 sec | ISO 200

#2017-01 Stars


X-T1 18-55mm @ 18mm | f2.8 | 10 sec | ISO 1250

January was not on my side for this project, as almost the whole of January being overcast with only a few days and nights with clear sky’s.

The one night I had planned out a trip and the weather forecast was looking good, got spoiled by clouds coming in and ruining┬ámy shot. So my picture for the month is not what I had in mind, but with the weather being the way it was, I’m feeling content with the result.

As this is a genera I want to explore more I may have another go at it in another month.

February I’m dedicating to long exposure photography. This is some thing I’m really looking forward to, as I have many shoots in mind and different subjects to explore with.




OK, so January has started a little slow photography wise.┬áThe holidays and my son turning five has taken time away from my photography, plus the weather have not been on my side for this month’s assignment. So I haven’t really gotten the time to start my 2017 project yet, which makes the creative “monster” in me scream for attention.

As I live near a city and an airport, the light pollution around is too much to get a good shoot of the milky way. So last Monday I had put of some time to drive┬áto a location an hour away where I was hoping the light from the city and the airport wouldn’t affect the shoot too much. I had done a lot of research in finding a nice spot and the weather forecast predicted clear sky’s. As I┬áarrived at the location a tin cloud cover had come in over my location, blocking the view of the stars. So much for planning ahead!

So much for planning

I stayed for a while in hope the sky would clear up, but it didn’t change much.┬áSo I found an old barn that looked interesting and lit it up with an iPhone.

X-T1 18-55mm @ 18mm | f5.6 | 30 sec | ISO 640

As it didn’t seem that the sky would clear up, I decided to head back home.
And of course there the sky was a lot clearer so I had to stop by my new favorite place to try to see if could get at least some night sky and stars while a train passed by.

X-T1 18-55 @ 18mm | f5.6 | 10 sec | ISO 1250

As the weather forecast is predicting that the rest of January is going to be overcast, I have one last chance tomorrow as it’s looking that it is going to be clear sky’s.


Keep smiling! ­čÖé