For the last week I have been training up a new coworker who has been so distracted at every single little alert and notification that pops up. Seeing this and feeling how annoying it has been tying to work with and talking to someone that constantly looks at the phone every time it makes a little sound or has to open an email as soon as the notifications pops up got me thinking and reflecting about how I handle this. 
I have to admit that I too easily get distracted by the notifications I get. I have always thought that I don’t let my phone get in my way, but reflecting and thinking on this I have to admit that I also check my phone every time some thing pops up. 

Thinking about it I have almost all notifications on. 

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Messenger, Flicker, Instagram, YouTube, email and almost all other apps on my phone. 
And this is not how I want it! It feels like the phone have control over me instead of me having control over the phone. 
So starting from today I have turned of notifications for all the apps, only have messages and Messenger on, and I have logged out of all the sosial media apps. 

By doing this I’m hoping to get control over my phone and my life, not wasting time and spending more quality time with my familiy and concentrating on my photography.  
Wish you all a happy Sunday! 

Now I’m off too see KISS live for the first time! 


The last year I have been doing a 365 project on Flickr with a group of people of TWIP Family Photographers listeners. It has been a fun and challenging project, with some up’s and down’s.

179/366 – Halmstad, 2016

What I found to be very challenging was to capture a photo every single day, as there was some days life got in the way and some days I didn’t feel like taking a picture.
The only subject for the 365 was for me family and every day life, and trying to tell a story, feeling or mood with a single frame.

No194 "Love"
194/366 – Sand, 2016

The biggest thing I have learned from this project is that every picture is not going to be great, and that is just fine with me.

So for 2017 I have been think about doing a different project, so to challenge myself a little more and trying out some different genres. The idea is to have twelve different subject/genres/themes, one for each month and each month exploring deeper into that and sharing the project and my experience on this blog.

363/366 – Lillehammer, 2016

Thank you for 2016, and wish everybody a great new year.
Keep smiling. 🙂

New Camera, New Possibilitys

Hot Dog, Lillestrøm 2016

I have had the same DSLR now for about 10 years, but for me, shooting street photography this was a little to big setup. I wanted a smaller and quieter one, a camera that didn’t stand out that much.

My choice, after month of googling and thinking, fell on the Fuji X100T. Not the smallest one can get, but after holding it in my hands and trying it out for a little bit I was sold.

Cant’t wait to get to know her better.

Keep smiling. 🙂