Long Exsposure

Black Forrest
X-T1 18-55mm @ 18mm | f7.1 | 10 sec | ISO 200

There is something therapeutic about long exposure photography. One has to calm down and take the time back. For me this really helps me to stress down, and escape from the fast paced world of every day life and work, getting rid of all worries and just live in the moment.

When I do this I start to connect with my inner thoughts and my self. Removing the outer shell that’s trying to block away the fast paced world.

X-T1 18-55mm @ 18mm | f8 | 30 sec | ISO 200


What is your favorite way of escaping from the fast paced world, and connect with your inner thoughts?

Keep smiling! 🙂

Dark Mood

“Blackend” Sand, 2016


The last couple of days the weather have been overcast and rain, so after a photowalk around to a local viking burial site yesterday I passed a lot of old buildings and this made me start a little project. Don’t quit yet know what might come of this. Maybe it’s just the weather that made me in a dark mood.

“Tjern” Sand, 2016