Road trip to the Atlantic Road

Last weekend I finally was able to go for a long-weekend road trip to the west of Norway, and the Atlantic Road as the destination.

Started out from home the drive went up to Lillehammer, and then up to Dombås where the night was spent at a small cabin. From Dombås you can drive up to Reinheimen National Park, via the Slådalsvegen which is this summer open dirt road that goes from Lesja to Vågå. Up here you get a good view of Dovre National Park.

Hatten, Dovre

We drove a couple of miles in one the Slådalsvegen up from Lesja, to get som sunset photos over Dovrefjell. The views up here was amazing!

Sunset over Dovre National Park



Sports Photography

My son started playing PeeWee Flag football this year, and since the team’s playing field is only 2 minutes away from our home we have been to all the home games this spring. Last Saturday the seniors played and I had with me my camera (X-T1 + 18-55mm), just to get some shots of my boy running out on the field with the big players.

Sand Falcons, Olaløkka 2018

When the coach saw that i had a camera, he asked if I would like the photograph the whole game, so I ended up with my first sports photography gig!

Only having the 18-55mm with me, I couldn’t get close in on the action that day, but got some descent overview shoots of the game.

Sand Falcons vs Nidaros Domers, Olaløkka 2108

But this Saturday I came prepared, as the junior team was going against the neighboring town. I had with me the XF55-200mm, so I could get close in on the action!

Sand Falcons vs Eidsvoll 1814’s, Olaløkka 2018
Sand Falcons vs Eidsvoll 1814’s, Olaløkka 2018
Sand Falcons vs Eidsvoll 1814’s, Olaløkka 2018
Sand Falcons vs Eidsvoll 1814’s, Olaløkka 2018
Sand Falcons vs Eidsvoll 1814’s, Olaløkka 2018
Sand Falcons vs Eidsvoll 1814’s, Olaløkka 2018
Sand Falcons vs Eidsvoll 1814’s, Olaløkka 2018


El Oasis

Sun rise - Maspalomas 2017
Sun rise – Maspalomas 2017
Yesterday morning I watched the sun rise from the Dunes of Maspalomas and walked around in the sand dunes looking for compositions. The color photos are taken with the ClassicChrome film simulation and the B/W are with Monochrome+G film simulation, all photos taken with the Fuji X100T. 

El Oasis - Maspalomas 2017
El Oasis – Maspalomas 2017
El Oasis - Maspalomas 2017
El Oasis – Maspalomas 2017

El Oasis is an natural reserve on the southern tip of the island of the Gran Canaria, with it sand dunes it is almost like an small desert. 

El Oasis - Maspalomas 2017
El Oasis – Maspalomas 2017
El Oasis - Maspalomas, 2017
El Oasis – Maspalomas, 2017
Morning light - Maspalomas, 2017
Morning light – Maspalomas, 2017
How did you start your day? 

Heading out


Finally summer vacation. Time to pack up the bag!

Travel gear
Travel Gear

What I have packed.

  • Fujifilm X-T1
  • Fujifilm X100T
  • Fujinon XF-18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS
  • Fujinon XF 16mm f1.4 R WR
  • Fuji EF-X8 shoe-mount flash
  • 67mm polarizer
  • 3 spare batteries for X-T1
  • 2 spare batteries for X100T
  • Battery charger
  • Vertical battery grip for X-T1 (VG-XT1)
  • Set of Cockin P filters (ND’s and GND’s)
  • Rocket blower
  • Dust pen and microfiber cloth
  • Memory card reader
  • WD My Passport Ultra 1TB hard drive
  • Head torch
  • iPhone charger
  • Moleskine notebook + ballpen.
  • Tripod (Packed in suitcase)

This year we are leaving for 11 days to south of France, Cote D’Azur and Provance!

Warm weather, sun, beach, Mediterranean, Cannes, Nice, Monaco, many lovely small towns, great nature and a much, much more!

We have booked a rental car and the first couple of night’s at a hotel in Nice. The rest of the trip will be planned as we go.

Bag packed
Bag packed

Hopefully there will be a lot of opportunities to capture some great photos, and many more great memories for our little family!

Keep Smiling! 🙂


For the last week I have been training up a new coworker who has been so distracted at every single little alert and notification that pops up. Seeing this and feeling how annoying it has been tying to work with and talking to someone that constantly looks at the phone every time it makes a little sound or has to open an email as soon as the notifications pops up got me thinking and reflecting about how I handle this. 
I have to admit that I too easily get distracted by the notifications I get. I have always thought that I don’t let my phone get in my way, but reflecting and thinking on this I have to admit that I also check my phone every time some thing pops up. 

Thinking about it I have almost all notifications on. 

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Messenger, Flicker, Instagram, YouTube, email and almost all other apps on my phone. 
And this is not how I want it! It feels like the phone have control over me instead of me having control over the phone. 
So starting from today I have turned of notifications for all the apps, only have messages and Messenger on, and I have logged out of all the sosial media apps. 

By doing this I’m hoping to get control over my phone and my life, not wasting time and spending more quality time with my familiy and concentrating on my photography.  
Wish you all a happy Sunday! 

Now I’m off too see KISS live for the first time! 

#2017-03 Misplaced

X-T1 18-55 mm @ 50mm | f5.6 | 1/60 sec | ISO 500

The topic for my third assignment came about as March went on, when on my walks around where I live I started to notice there where a lot of human elements/things “misplaced” in nature.

Now that we are heading in to April the sun is back, and hopefully it will start to get a little warmer to so the topic for next part will be Street photography.

Keep smiling. 🙂