Road trip to The Atlantic Road – pt.3

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After staying two days out on Ljøsøya and Lysø Naturcamping and Rorbuer, it was time for heading home. The first leg of the trip was straight to Åndalsnes, for a quick charge of the car before heading up Trollstigen.

Åndalsnes, 2018

Trollstigen is a serpentine mountain road, making its way up the steep mountain side with a 10% incline and 11 hearpin bends. It connects the town of Åndalsnes and the village of Valldal.

Trollstigen, 2018
Trollstigen, 2018

When you reach the top of Trollstigen you will find the visitor center, with a restaurant where you can enjoy a dinner, lunch or quick snack with a breath-taking view over looking Trollstigen and the valley below.

There is also a couple of viewing platform at the top, that sticks out of the mountain side and gives you and unobstructive view over the valley.

Trollstigen, 2018

Stigfossen waterfall also starts at the top, and falls 320 meters down and ends down in valley. (If you stop on the first pull out on the road before starting the incline going up you can walk down all the way to the foot of the waterfall).

Stigfossen, 2018
Stigfossen, 2018

That is it for this trip. It gave me a ton of inspiration and a lot of good memories. Now it is time for summer vacation with the family and this year we are probably going camping i Norway as the weather just looks amazing the next couple of weeks. The plan is driving south, so hopefully there will be a ton of photo opportunity along the way.

Hope you are all having a great summer!

And check out my friends drone video from the trip.

Click here for the second part

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