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The last year I have been doing a 365 project on Flickr with a group of people of TWIP Family Photographers listeners. It has been a fun and challenging project, with some up’s and down’s.

179/366 – Halmstad, 2016

What I found to be very challenging was to capture a photo every single day, as there was some days life got in the way and some days I didn’t feel like taking a picture.
The only subject for the 365 was for me family and every day life, and trying to tell a story, feeling or mood with a single frame.

No194 "Love"
194/366 – Sand, 2016

The biggest thing I have learned from this project is that every picture is not going to be great, and that is just fine with me.

So for 2017 I have been think about doing a different project, so to challenge myself a little more and trying out some different genres. The idea is to have twelve different subject/genres/themes, one for each month and each month exploring deeper into that and sharing the project and my experience on this blog.

363/366 – Lillehammer, 2016

Thank you for 2016, and wish everybody a great new year.
Keep smiling. 🙂

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