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In 2016 I did a 365-project, as this was a great experience it is not a project I wan’t to start on again soon. For me, taking a picture every day is a little to much, and sometimes it felt more like a chore then something I enjoyed. I didn’t feel I had the time every day to take a picture as life, work and family also needs it time a day.

So for 2017 I want to start a project that doesn’t involve taking pictures everyday. So I thought about having twelve assignments with different subject/genres, one for each month, and dig deeper into each assignment. This way I’m hoping to evolve more as a photographer and finding my style of photography.

I have almost plotted out each of the twelve assignments. And in January I’m starting with Starscape and Milky Way photography.

I’m feeling excited to get starting on this project an journey.

Wishing everybody a peaceful and happy New Year.
Keep Smiling 🙂

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