Stupid Comfort Zone

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Hello my Friend!
Hey my Friend!, Oslo 2016

Ahh…the comfort zone! How I hate you!

Yesterday I visited a one-day music and garden festival, a good place and chance to get some great captures, and practice on shooting events.
Camera in hand and ready to start, I had all this great ideas and pictures in my head. So I felt pretty confident.

When we entered I got a bit shaky, mouth started to feel dry and palms sweaty. My confidence level hit bottom. What had I gotten my self into?! I tried to get my head in the right place, but for the first couple of hours I didn’t have any fun. I walked around with my camera ready, took some shoots hear and dear…but I felt I didn’t get the pictures I wanted and had imagined. My own fear held me back. It got a little easier in the end, but it didn’t turn out quite like I had imagned.

So I have to keep training on breaking my own comfort zone and take fear head on.

In the end I’m one more experience richer and wiser.

ISO 100
Sesogn 2016, Oslo
ISO 100-2
Sesogn 2016, Oslo

Always feel free to drop a comment.

And keep smiling! 🙂

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